Fizzweasel: Quotes, Likes & Inspirations
Don’t do something because everyone does. Make up your own identity. Celebrate your uniqueness. Be an icon in yourself. If you start doing something just because everyone else is doing it, then what’s the difference between you and them? Where’s your identity that makes you, you? Be true to yourself, not the world.
The most pitiful thing to realize on this planet is that you can’t do something that you had wished the most to do. It leaves you shattered, deterred and destroyed. Never say you can’t. Open up, stretch and set out to work. Even if you land up losing, you’ll at least realize one way of not doing something.
The graph of our life is a sinosoidal curve, though not a perfect one, with some steep ups and downs. There are good times on the crests, but never forget that you’ve gotta face those troughs coming your way. But every trough you find will make you realize that you’re on the way to the forthcoming crest. And remember- the deeper a trough you challenge and pass through, the higher a crest waits for you at the other end to rejoice.
Innovate you life. Live it your way. Be you. If you simply waste your life trying to be someone else, you lose your purpose of being here.
Sunsigns and daily horoscopes are an inspiration to keep working. They inform you the ups of your life on a daily basis just to inspire you to keep working towards them and polish yourself day in and day out, so that, one day something written in there comes out to be true.
Initiative is something that people hardly take in real scenarios. But those who take it succeed. Even if they fail to achieve the target, they learn enough out of the experience to add a new dimension to their thrust, to finally come up with flying colors.
The pursuit for success is nothing but a chase to reach the horizon. Every goal achieved brings in a spark, and we buckle up for another chase to the horizon that we realize now, unbelieving that it will extend beyond our line of sight, further and further away.
Never expect your life to be abstinent of hard times, because in their absence the good times that we tend to rejoice about lose their place. It is just a speck of a gap between the bad times and the good ones. All we need is determination and the right perspective towards things.
Fear is what grips us and is always a constant. But accepting it makes us stronger. We sometimes tend to do amazing things without realizing the intricacy of the task. The soul reason behind it is that we’re unaware of the fact that there is some room of mishap.
At four-and-a-half months, a human foetus has a reptile’s tail, probably a remanent of our evolution. The tail diminishes before the foetus enters the world. But then grows another tail- The tail of procrastination. And this tail lives throughout the human life, delaying and distorting all his plans.